Whether you operate in property, retail, commercial, or the healthcare and leisure sectors, our bespoke refurbishments are tailor-made for the needs of your business and your customers.

2D & 3D Visualisation

Visual Sketch

Excite has pioneered advancements in presentation to provide greater understanding of design proposals.

Traditionally, design was presented in 2D, as on architects’ plans and elevations. Today, advanced computer technology and programs allow photo realistic 3D visualisations and even ‘walk-throughs’ to be a reality.

2D still suits many customers who need fast answers and can envisage the finished effect without the benefit of 3D. For those who can’t, or if the project justifies the time and expense, a 3D visual can be produced showing the full concept, from any desired perspective, exactly as it will look when you walk through the door.


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