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Space Planning

Space Planning


Office Interiors that inspire you, your staff, visitors and customers need careful consideration to maximize the potential in the most innovative way.

Good space planning will provide the best solution to making workable your office reception, ‘meet and greet’ areas, visitor waiting, showroom and display, meeting rooms, workstations operator seating and storage layout, ‘break out’ areas, kitchens, toilets – all considering accessibility requirements and much, much more.

We will work closely with you to discover your needs and find out how you operate, and share our extensive knowledge of office interior design with you to create the ideal working environment that makes the most of the available space and enhances the experience of your staff and visitors.

Excite Interiors office space planning service can help you maximize the efficiency of your floor space, increasing productivity and creating a great working environment.

When planning the best way to fulfill your requirement we will listen to you about the needs of your business today, as well as looking at your future requirements so that we can cater for the growth of your business.

We use the latest software and design techniques to prepare scale plans of your offices, which allows us to work with you through issues with the layout and deliver workable solutions.


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